Apache Warble (incubating) is a distributed endpoint monitoring solution where the agent is hosted on your own hardware.

Our mission

The aim of Warble is to produce a more balanced and less binary view of services and systems, lowering the rates of false positives while also providing greater insight into possible peering issues and proactive trend analysis.

Who we are

In alphabetical order, we are:

  • Andrew Karetas
  • Chris Lambertus
  • Chris Thistlethwaite
  • Daniel Gruno
  • Daniel Takamori
( • PPMC, • Committer)

Get in touch

Please use one of our mailing lists to get in touch with the Warble project:

Users: users@warble.apache.org [subscribe] [browse]
Developers: dev@warble.apache.org [subscribe] [browse]

Or chat to us via IRC on #warble on Freenode